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heavy duty trade platforms and tower systems for hire in Stockton

We have an extensive range of minimax heavy duty trade platforms and tower systems. Compact enough to fit through standard doors, corridors and into your van. Our products are easy to transport and store, and include modular lightweight systems to reach platform heights of 13.2m. The MiniMax professional heavy duty platform is the versatile modular platform tower system for indoor and outdoor use. Our access range includes, Snappy towers, Low Level Work Platforms, Ladders, Roof Ladders, Stepladders and combination ladders

Single or Double Width Access Tower
Product Description

BoSS Ladderspan is the market leading tower system designed for the professional user. The access towers are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to offer consistent quality. The BoSS Ladderspan 3T tower system has 0.85m frame in both Narrow and Double width that is 1.8m in platform length and up to 13.2m platform height. The system Uses 3T – Through the Trapdoor build method so the operator can assemble the system in the trapdoor of the platform.
• Rigid and robust construction
• Integral ladders with 0.25m climb rung spacing and 0.5mm frame rung spacing for safe and comfortable access
• Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip
• 3T - Through the Trapdoor build method
• Safety certification BS EN1004:2004
• Tower Width (m): 0.85m
• Total Length (m): 1.8m
• Platform Width (m): 0.6m
• Platform Length (m): 1.8m

Size Range & Pricing
BS060 Boss Tower 2.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £25.30
BS061 Boss Tower 2.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £35.10
BS062 Boss Tower 3.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £37.44
BS063 Boss Tower 3.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £38.85
BS064 Boss Tower 4.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £44.10
BS065 Boss Tower 4.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £49.35
BS066 Boss Tower 5.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £54.60
BS067 Boss Tower 5.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £59.85
BS068 Boss Tower 6.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £65.10
BS069 Boss Tower 6.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £70.35
BS070 Boss Tower 7.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £75.60
BS071 Boss Tower 7.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £77.00
BS072 Boss Tower 8.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £82.00
BS073 Boss Tower 8.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £87.00
BS074 Boss Tower 9.2m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £92.00
BS075 Boss Tower 9.7m(P/H)x1.8m x850 £97.00
BS076 Boss Tower 10.2m(P/H)x1.8mx850 £102.00
BS077 Boss Tower 10.7m(P/H)x1.8mx850 £107.00
BS078 Boss Tower 11.2m(P/H)x1.8mx850 £112.00
BS079 Boss Tower 11.7m(P/H)x1.8mx850 £117.00
BS080 Boss Tower 12.2m(P/H)x1.8mx850 £122.00
BS081 Boss Tower 12.7m x 1.8m x 850 £127.00
BS082 Boss Tower 13.2m x 1.8m x 850 £132.00
modular access tower system designed for stairwells
Product Description

The modular access tower system designed for use on commercial and domestic stairwells.
Technical Information:
• Provide a safe working platform on confined stairwells
• Compact 0.7 x 1.3m base size
• 3 frame heights (1.0m, 1.5m & 2.0m) for build flexibility
• Por tal frame to maintain emergency access
• Safe access using climbing rung frames
• Unique confined space stabiliser for improved stability

Product Description

Technical Information:
Lightweight and compact
Easily passes through a standard doorway
No outriggers or stabilisers required
Durable design for tough site conditions
Proven benefits over other low level access products
Better job site productivity
Safer and more convenient working conditions

Max. working height 4.0m 4.5m 5.0m
Max. platform height (A) 2.0m 2.5m 3.0m
Overall width (B) 0.68m 0.68m 0.68m
Overall length (C) 1.2m 1.2m 1.2m
Stowed height (D) 1.7m 1.8m 1.8m
Platform capacity (SWL) 240kg 240kg 240kg
Max. wind speed 0m/s 0m/s 0m/s
Raise/lower time 8/14 sec 13/17 sec 19/26 sec
Power source 12V DC battery
Charger Built in multi-voltage (90V - 240V)
Weight 350kg 370kg 385kg

Product Description

Our range of push-up ladders are manufactured to Class 1 specification to withstand the demands of on-site and industrial usage. Constructed from aluminium, they feature a large flat top with new locking catches and an industrial strength rung. The top is non-slip in nature and is also set at the correct angle for climbing.
Halt hire Stocks 3 sizes 3.35-8.30m, 2.5m – 5.69mm & 3m – 5.11m

Product Description

We supply alloy step ladders in 4 varied forms. These particular step ladders are of a 6 tread, 8 tread, 10 tread and 12 tread design and are very portable and lightweight.
Alloy ladders help provide quick, easy and simple access to inspection areas or maintenance jobs.

Boss Room Mate (Folding Work Platform)
Product Description

Folds flat for easy transportation and simply snaps open to create an ideal, safe working platform. For interior maintenance and decorating.
W/H: 0.68m x 1.8m/1.8m
Maximum platform height: 1.8m
Weight: 99kg
Overall length: 2.8m

Product Description

The SLA10 Genie Superlift Advantage can manage loads of 454kg (1000 lbs) at heights of up to 3.4 metres (11 ft). With a full range of accessories available the SLA10 is perfect for work on ducting, pipe work and ventilation systems etc. Versatile, heavy duty and very robust, the Genie Superlift Advantage SLA10 can be easily controlled and operated by a single person in small, confined spaces such as warehouses, enclosed construction sites etc.

Product Description

With a full range of accessories available the SLA15 is truly user friendly, being able to lift loads of 263 kg (800 lbs) to a height of 4.5 metres (14 ft). The SLA15 is ideally suited for use on ducting, pie work and ventilation systems etc. The Genie Superlift SLA15 is robust, heavy duty and very versatile. It is easily controlled and used by a single operator in confined spaces such as warehouses or enclosed construction sites.

Product Description

The SLA25 has the ability to lifts loads of 295kg (650lbs) to heights of nearly 8 metres (over 26 ft). The SLA25 is perfectly suited for use with pipe work, ducting and ventilation systems. The lift's versatility is best suited in warehouses, enclosed construction sites or any other confined working area. Easily controlled and operated by a single worker, the Genie Superlift Advantage SLA25 is versatile, heavy duty and very robust.

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