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Drill’s Mixers, compaction Plates, Grinder and Sanders and Cutting products for hire in Stockton

Our general tool hire offering includes a bespoke focussed range of products that we call our ‘Essential Range’ from Drill’s Mixers, compaction Plates, Grinder and Sanders and Cutting products. We stock Hilti, Husqvarna, Belle, JCB, Boss and many more top brands. In addition to hire we can supply associated consumable products for all of our hired equipment.

Product Description

Ideal for repair work and maintenance when good compaction from a robust lightweight plate is required. Supplied with a full tank of petrol.
Additional Information:
The machine boasts comfort handles which help to reduce operator fatigue, low hand-arm vibration levels and manual handling points for an easy two man lift. Suitable for DIY and professional applications this high quality plate compactor gives reliability and performance.
Also known as: Plate Compactor, Vib Plate, Vibration Plate, Wacker Plate and Whacker Plate.
Technical Information:
Based On: Belle PCLX320 Lightweight Forward Plate Compactor
Plate Size W x L: 320mm x 574mm
Weight: 59kg
Centrifugal Force: 13kN
Travel Speed: 16m/min
Vibration Level: 2.42m/sec²

Vibrating Plate-Petrol-Forward and Reverse-400mm
Product Description

This forward/reverse vibrating plate is excellent for floor fillings, foundations, road repairs as well as backfill in pipe trenches. With a compact design combined with excellent ergonomic and low hand arm vibrations which reduces operator fatigue. Easy to control with a hydraulic gear shift mechanism and designed for easy maintenance has removable covers, belt tensioners and a self priming hydraulic system.
Technical Information:
Based On: Belle RPC 30/40 Compact Reversible Plate Compactor
Plate Size W x L: 400 x 657mm
Weight: 158kg
Centrifugal Force: 30kN
Frequency (Hz): 90

Product Description

This petrol vibrating plate also known as a 'Whacker' by the trade is engineered to be robust and durable for heavy contractor use on building sites and the like.
These compactors set the industry standards for low vibration coupled with a high compaction rate. The plate has been designed from the off to provide low arm vibration levels and so produces a consistent performance whilst keeping high output at a maximum.
Other features include new stylish looks and a faster travel rate for an increased rate of productivity.

Disc Cutter-Petrol Two Stroke-300mm
Product Description

This 2 stroke oil/petrol mix cut off saw is capable of cutting through blocks, floors, walls, pipes, steel, concrete and a whole network of other materials, the all-round power cutter is a very user friendly unit.
The unit can be hand held or mounted on a rig (a conversion kit may be required for the latter).
The cutter is fitted with several ergonomic systems designed to help make the tool as user friendly as possible, these include AAF (Active-Air-Filtration), an anti-vibration system and SmartCarb; this maintains a constant power whilst filtering potentially dirty air.
Other features include a maintenance free air filter, easy to change blade guard position and a blade retarder.
Supplied With:
Box Spanner & Spindle Lock Pin
Full Tank Of 2 Stroke Oil/Petrol Mix
1 x 2 Stroke Oil 100 ml (Oil Guard)

Angle Grinder
Product Description

Robust, lightweight and versatile machines for cutting masonry or steel, mortar raking, facing work and rust removal. This product is 110V and does not come complete with any discs, please remember to add a Transformer, 110V Extension Lead and cutting/grinding discs from the optional accessories section if required.


This compact and lightweight 115mm (4 1/2 inches) Angle Grinder supplied to Hire Station by Makita is ideal for general grinding and cutting applications. Used for cutting and grinding masonry and metal this Angle Grinder is ideal for both the professional user and the DIY enthusiast.
Supplied With: Pin Spanner
This Angle Grinder does not come complete with any cutting or grinding discs. These are available to purchase in the optional accessories section of the basket process and include:
115mm Metal Cutting Discs, this flat cutting disc is ideal for cutting steel.
115mm Metal Grinding Discs, this depressed centre disc is perfect for grinding steel and dressing welds.
2 x 115mm Masonry Cutting Diamond Blades, which are ideal for cutting a range of masonry materials and a 115mm Mortar Raking Diamond Blade, which offers an economical solution in preparation for re-pointing brick and block work.
This machine is 110V and a transformer, generator or 110V site supply is required to use it.

Centrifuge pump
Product Description

This Petrol Centrifugal Pump is a self-priming pump which is powered by a genuine Honda 4 stroke OHV petrol engine. Ideal for the pumping of clear and black water as found on building sites.
Fitted with a low oil level alert and has carbon ceramic mechanical seals for increased abrasion resistance and cast iron volutes and impellers. It is housed within a protective tubular steel, easy carry frame which has anti-vibration mounts fitted.
Maximum suction lift is 8 metres, when primed, however 6 metres, or less, is recommended.
Supplied With:
Hose Clip & Seal Washer
50mm Layflat Delivery Hose 6m
50mm Suction Hose c/w Strainer
Full Tank Of Petrol
These pumps must never be allowed to run dry!

Puddle Pump
Product Description

This 25mm (1") Puddle Pump also known as a Puddle Sucker is for pumping dirty site water from a flat surface down to 1mm, making it suitable for pumping nuisance water found on flat surfaces.
It incorporates a dual position outlet port, to enable the user to position the outlet hose horizontally or vertically and avoid it kinking. For durability, during robust handling, it has a pressed steel outer casing and a cast aluminium pump stand to offer increased protection of the steel and rubber base plate.
A combination of a rubber pump chamber and a urethane vortex impeller enables the design to offer excellent wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability. An additional feature is an integral swing check valve to prevent back flow of water from the discharge hose.
Supplied With:
Hose Clip
25mm Layflat Delivery Hose 6m
This machine is 110V, a transformer or 110V supply will be required to operate it.

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