How to Place A Hire

Your hire request will be received by our dedicated hire desk. Each of our regions are supported by a dedicated response team who will respond to and process your enquiry.

You can contact Halt Hire by phone or email through our contact us page.

What information will we need from you?

•     Equipment required

•     Site contact name and details

•     Delivery address

•     Site access restrictions

•     Servicing  requirements

What happens when we have your enquiry?

  • We will confirm your order requirements

•     We will confirm order price (please refer to price schedule) and transport costs

•     We will require you to supply a purchase order for quoted amount

•     Your order will be placed on our hire system

•     You will receive an electronic confirmation of order

•     Your order equipment will be prepared and allocated a transport route ready for delivery

•     You will then receive confirmation of delivery

•     Once the equipment arrives on site, we will ask that you sign to confirm delivery

How to OffHire

Your off-hire request will be received by our dedicated hire desk.

If you require collection of an item, simply contact us with at least 1 working days notice of the date you require the hire to end. We will always endeavour to collect the requested items as soon as possible. We will always try to accommodate specific collection dates and times but cannot guarantee.

What information will we need from you?

•     Equipment to be off hired

•     Date the off hire is effective

•     Site contact name and details

•     Collection address

•     Site access restrictions

What happens once we have your off-hire request?

• We will confirm your off-hire enquiry

• You will then be provided with an off-hire reference number

• We will process the collection on our hire system

• The collection will be allocated a transport route

• Once the vehicle arrives on site to collect the equipment, you will be asked to sign for collection

• Our driver will photograph the equipment being collected

• Our driver will notify you of any obvious damage at this point

• Once the equipment is returned to the Depot where the equipment will undergo off hire checks and you will be notified of any further damage charges.