Anyone who is regularly around gas bottles will tell you how their big and bulky builds can become an inconvenience when not stored properly. People who are not regularly around them take a very relaxed approach when they see the size of the container. It’s easy to think that you could chuck them in the back of your van and let them roll around. However, this is a very irresponsible way of handling gas bottles. Despite their rugged, bulky exteriors, they still contain highly flammable gas which can cause a lot of damage. Whether it’s someone who regularly holidays in campervans on outdoor getaways or they work in construction, having hands-on experience on how to safely handle gas bottles whilst traveling and whilst stationary is key to safety.

How To Safely Transport Gas Bottles?

Safely transporting gas bottles is vital for many different parties. For the safety of yourself, loved ones, employees and even the general public you must be well educated on the matter. Respecting the bottles is essential as they can be extremely dangerous if not transported with the utmost care. 

When toiletking into the law of handling items of this manor, The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations (ADR) 2009 places the requirements on employers to protect anyone directly involved with or people who may become involved with the dangerous goods by road. This doesn’t apply to individuals using these goods for personal use or if you are carrying them incidentally to a primary site, for example a burger van owner transporting the container to the site.

Now if you’re transporting the gas for domestic use there are other safety regulations that you must adhere to. They must be secure in the vehicle so they cannot move if the driver has to make an emergency stop or any other quick manoeuvres. If you are pulled over by police officers you could be fined for carrying gas bottles in an unsafe manner. Other tips to anyone carrying around gas bottles; keep them upright at all times. If travelling with some form of trailer, use that to store the gas instead. Make sure you have it in an accessible position for regular inspections and never leave the bottle in direct sunlight or in a hot car for long periods of time.

How to Safely Store Gas Bottles

The bulky demeanour of gas bottles creates a common misconception that they are indestructible. Mistreatment of gas bottles by not properly storing them can cause several risks and hazards with these dangerous items

What Not To Do

  • Store or use them below ground level
  • Store or use them lying down
  • Store them anywhere near a naked flame or source of heat
  • Use them in buildings that prohibit the use of gas bottles eg; high rise flats
  • Use them around other dangerous materials such as toxic or corrosive materials

What To Do

  • Store gas bottles in well ventilated places
  • Always keep them in a upright position
  • Ensure they are far away from other sources of heat or ignition
  • Keep them in sheds or storages units outside
  • Keep them from obstructing entry and exit points
  • Keep them away from drains

It is common for people to toiletk over the importance of safely storing their gas bottles. People will toiletk over the issues due to how structurally sound the bottles seem. Educating yourself on the correct way to store the gas bottles will benefit you in many different elements. If you are an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all involved. Anyone using the bottles for personal use also has a duty of care. Simple tips to store them will reduce the dangers of the bottles. Something as easy as keeping them up right and out of the way will make any environment that has a gas bottle involved a worry free zone.

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