Oil Heaters

Get your heating on demand with our portable oil heaters available for weekly hire from Halt Hire. From cabinet heaters to oil-filled radiators we have a great range of options to heat your home, commercial space or warehouse. Cabinet Heaters are a safe option for schools, homes, offices and even hospitals as there is no visible flame to cause any safety worries.

Oil Filled Radiator & Heaters

Our oil-filled heaters have heat settings with controls that are simple to use including a thermostat and timer adjustments. Opting for oil-based heating offers a level of efficiency as they continue to retain and emit heat even when they are turned off! This means that choosing a product such as an oil-filled radiator can use less money and energy than other We are proud of our excellent customer experience, so we promise that if your order is placed by 10 am, that your heater hire will be delivered the same day. If you're still not sure about the type of heating products that would be best for your needs, then why not check out an electric heater?
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