Row of blue portable toilets

So you’ve got an event coming up, you’re planning everything down to the last detail and then remember…. toilets! How many portable toilets will you need? How much will it cost? Do you need a drainage system? We’ve broken down everything you may need to know about portable toilets so whatever reason you may need them we’ve got you covered! 

Portable toilets work in the same way that a conventional toilet does but instead of being connected to a sewage system, the waste is taken to a holding tank. The tank is located underneath the toilet seat and breaks down all waste and toilet paper, whilst also killing germs and removing any smells. The flush mechanism works by either flushing using water from a hidden tank or using the chemicals from the holding tank; this is done either by hand or foot. The tank contains all of the waste or liquid which removes the need for a water supply or drainage system.

How Many Portable Toilets Per Person Do I Need?

When organising an event, hiring the correct amount of portable toilets will be very important to ensure your event runs smoothly. There are multiple factors that can affect how many portable toilets you may need at your event. A general guideline from The Purple Guide, is if the event is under 6 hours and there is no food or beverage available, there should be 1 toilet per 100 female’s and another for every 500 males. Whilst the duration of the event and if food and beverage is being served are big influences on the amount of portable toilets you may need, the type of event, size of location, number of guests and gender divide are also equally important. 

If your event is expecting to serve alcohol we recommend you add an extra 15-20% due to alcohol increasing the use of a toilet.  If your event is a festival or involves camping things can get a little bit more complicated. Due to the event lasting 24 hours a day for multiple days, you will need to hire more portable toilets. In addition, you will need spares to ensure that you don’t fall short when the portable toilets need servicing. Whilst we usually recommend to service a portable toilet once a week, if used frequently, we would advise that you service the portable toilet once a day to ensure the highest possible hygiene standards. 

Here at Halt Hire we have portable toilets for hire, with prices starting from £20 for a week’s hire. 

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