No construction building site is too big or small, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with as many or as little toilets that you need to keep your builders happy. If you’re running a site throughout the UK, there are key government guidelines that you have to ensure that you meet. We work with clients of varying sizes, from small building projects or self build sites, right up to national housebuilders.



As a site manager, you need to make sure that you meet the standards of  BS6465– 1:2006. It may not be feasible to have a more permanent fixture for short term building projects, this is where portable toilets are the perfect option. Portable toilets are much more common on larger construction/building sites where it may not be remote enough to without causing an inconvenience.


BS6465– 1:2006

Portable chemical toilets (portable toilets) are used in places where it’s not possible to have flushing toilets. The recommended ratio is 1 plastic toilet per 7 people and ensuring that they are emptied at least one time per week as a minimum. This will ensure that the site toilets can be emptied and maintained regularly, as well as the all-important, short queues and wait times on lunch breaks! You may need to consider emptying and restocking the toilets more frequently than this, but get in touch will our expert team and they can give you some further advice. The portable toilets may also need to be cleaned multiple times throughout the day, especially if they are servicing a muddy construction site. It is also vital that you ensure that toilet paper, soap, paper towels and any other cleaning supplies are provided and in suitable quantities.

Men and women may use the same portable toilets, as long as there is the ability to lock the doors and that it is not in the same facility as a urinal.







Workers Checking The Portable Toilets For Hire

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